Sight Alignment


The relationship between the shooter’s eye, the rear sight and the front sight. The front sight blade is centered and flush with the rear sight aperture. Just remember… “Equal Height/ Equal Light”.


So, for the bullet to hit the center of the target, the shooter must aim the pistol and maintain the relationship between the front and rear sights. When aiming, the front sight is positioned in the middle of the rear sight notch with an equal light space on each side. The horizontal top surface of front sight is on the same level as the top horizontal surface of the rear sight notch. This brings us to sight picture.


Sight Picture


Sight picture is the placement of the sights on the target while maintaining proper sight alignment. At distances, less than 7 yards, emphasis should be on the front sight. Inside that distance, if the front sight is on the target, the target will be hit when the pistol is fired as your eye can only focus on one object at a time. You must focus on the front sight while keeping good sight alignment. When you press the trigger rearward you do not want to disrupt sight alignment.

  • The Target should be blurry.
  • The rear sight should be blurry.
  • The front sight should be sharp.

We’ll break down other methods of target acquisition such as point shooting, flash sight picture and precision sight alignment in upcoming blogs.


“Remember Point of Aim is Point of Impact”