Prerequisites: Completion of the Home Firearms Safety Course, offered by Valor Training Group, or any NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun or Personal Protection Course, no exceptions. Students in this class will be required to sign a statement that they are legally entitled to own a firearm prior to participation.

The classroom subject matter includes:

• Developing a personal & home protection plan
• Self-defense firearms basics
• Shooting fundamentals
• The legal use of force
• Violent encounters and there aftermath

We will discuss home defense skills which covers using cover and concealment in the home, ballistic issues and bullets inside the home, searching/clearing the home with a flashlight and weapon and the use of a shotgun for home defense.

Live fire with a shotgun and/or handgun will be included in drills centered on home defense skills.

The shooting component of this class will include safe gun handling, skills to improve accuracy, introductions to use of cover shooting, strong hand only shooting (handgun), shooting distances out to 15 yards, movement drills and use of a flashlight.

Need to supply:

  • Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Appropriate baseball cap, footwear, clothing for range

  • Cleaning kit with appropriate rods and brushes

  • Cooler with food and water for full day

  • For Shotgun Shooters: 25 rounds #7.5 or #8 Shot and 25 rounds of #4 shot or other suitable home defense loads

  • For Handguns: 100 Rounds of Ammunition

  • For Handguns: 2-3 Magazines

  • Boxed/Cased Firearm (Unloaded)