Follow Through


Follow Through is the final fundamental of handgun shooting. At this point, once you have fired your handgun the fundamentals start all over again. Starting with your Trigger Reset, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture, and thus start asking yourself these important questions:


  1. Is there still a threat?
  2. Can I safely still engage the target without innocent bystanders?
  3. Are there others threats that I don’t see?
  4. Scan the surrounding area immediately for other life threatening targets.


Remember, if you’re involved in a shooting, you may require multiple shots to stop life threatening activity. Just because you shot doesn’t mean that you hit your attacker and that they are no longer a threat.


Every person that is shot will react differently. Your attacker may be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, might be wearing heavy clothing or even body armor and may never feel the impact of the bullet even on a well-placed shot.
So, ask yourself, do I need to take a