One-on-One Firearms Training

Some people enjoy firearms training in a group setting.  For others, they adapt and learn quicker in a one-on-one training environment. At Valor Training Group, LLC, we offer private lessons where we evaluate your ability and skill level.  The goal of our one-on-one training is to help you achieve your personal proficiency goals. All levels of shooters benefit from personalized instruction. One-on-one lessons last one to two hours and cover a variety of methods and techniques. Our qualified instructors are certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and National Rifle Association Firearms Instructors which all have the background and a wide variety of skills to draw from to give you a full training experience. The training at Valor Training Group, LLC is helpful for beginners and advanced firearms users.  Firearm training covers entry level firearm handling to advanced movement and multiple target engagement, a one-on-one lesson will take your proficiency to the next level. Personalized lessons are a great way for new shooters to grow in confidence with their firearm.

To Sign Up For One-on-One Personal Training Call the Office at 585-705-9750