Gun Repairs and Gun Cleaning:

We offer prompt, professional service with superior quality. The list below includes some of our most commonly performed services. Our years of experience have afforded us access to a network of the best professionals In the industry. If your gun requires a service that we do not provide in-house, we can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

In addition to modern firearms, we specialize in classic, antique, sporting, and military arms.

Safety Inspection:

Safety Checks

Sight Installation:

Sight In Customer Gun

Bore Sighting Customer Gun

Pattern Shotgun

Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights

Trigger & Action Jobs:

Trigger Work – We can improve the trigger on most firearms by polishing components, installing trigger kits or outright replacement. Let us know your needs.

Optic Installation:

Scopes & Sights – We can handle your needs from night sights on your carry gun to scopes, mounts and rings for your rifle.