Finally offered to the public, our trainers consisting of Advanced Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (Retired,Active Duty & SWAT Team members) as well as retired military specialists have developed this course for the Home Defense students.

This fast paced and interactive course is for anyone who wants a complete understanding of the defensive handgun and a skill level that far surpasses that of those who carry a firearm with no training.

Regardless of your experience, your handgun handling, marksmanship, and tactical skills will be better than they have ever been and you will be able to safely and easily present your firearm from a CONCEALED holster quickly and with complete confidence when addressing a threat.

You will understand the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the stress of simulated, lethal encounters. This course is a must for anyone who chooses to own or carry a handgun for self-defense.