Shooting stances: Do they matter?

Regardless of your other skills, your stance is the basis for all your shooting fundamentals. January 3, 2017 Stance, the foundation of your shooting platform, is a crucial element that is often overlooked. Fast and accurate shooting with a handgun requires a stable shooting stance that allows the shooter to exercise proper sight alignment, trigger [...]

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Grip: The first step to accurate shooting

First and foremost, a solid grip makes for a quality shooter. Your grip can make or break your shot the second you press that trigger. Too weak and you won’t control the shot. Too strong and you’ll overcompensate causing your round to travel to destinations unwanted. That grip as important as it is, starts at [...]

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Follow Through: The end of the cycle

  Follow Through   Follow Through is the final fundamental of handgun shooting. At this point, once you have fired your handgun the fundamentals start all over again. Starting with your Trigger Reset, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture, and thus start asking yourself these important questions:   Is there still a threat? Can I safely [...]

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Trigger Control: What in the world?

Trigger Control and Follow Through Trigger Control:   In previous segments, we talked about a shooters Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture in relation to becoming an accurate shooter. Today, we are going to target Trigger Control with a semi-automatic handgun. What is Trigger Control?  By military definition, “Trigger Control is the manipulation of [...]

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