The simple thing to remember is that training is about learning concepts and developing muscle memory. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to legitimize why their courses are so expensive. Good instructors make everything very simple, because it is very simple. The finest advanced training class is developed to help you function under stress. What you don’t need is an instructor yelling about whether you shooting with an Isosceles or Weaver stance.


Here are some suggestions to find the correct training for you:


  1. Read the course description, if you’re unsure what it’s focus is then call for more details.


  1. If it’s too much money, then contact the company to see if they have discounts.


  1. Ask questions. Great instructors appreciate questions and they should be more than willing to help you.


  1. You are paying to learn how to protect yourself. Beyond the safety aspect, you are the one who decides what you will get out of each training session or course you attend.


  1. If you attend specialized training classes, remember they are prepping you to react in specific ways to specific circumstances. You need to develop a solid base of skills before you specialize.


  1. To connect the dots between shooting a piece of paper and the tactics needed during real life crisis situations we use scenario based training.


  1. Firearms training is serious subject, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Great instructors can make it fun while maintaining safety.


  1. Defensive shooting is something we continually practice.