Close Quarters Defensive Shotgun- Level I

Close Quarters Defensive Shotgun- Level I, is an entry level course to prepare you to use the shotgun for personal defense. This course includes shotgun safety, various types of shotguns, an understanding of ammunition and how it functions, shooting fundamentals and an introduction to defensive shooting skills.

Several topics will be covered in “Close Quarters Defensive Shotgun- Level I. These include but are not limited to:

  • Safe handling of your firearm.

  • Safe Storage of your firearm and ammunition.

  • Basic components of a shotgun

  • Types and Operation of shotguns including pump, semi-automatic, break-open, etc.

  • Working with A Natural Defensive Stance

  • Integrating the Color Code into Your Life

  • Finding Your Balance of Speed and Precision

  • Clearing Common Stoppages

  • Progressive Shooting Drills

  • Definition of Cover and Concealment

  • Use of Cover

  • Shooting from Low and High Barricades

  • Selecting a Shotgun and Ammunition

  • Cleaning and Maintaining your Shotguns


Prerequisites: Students should understand Basic Firearms Safety and the operation & maintenance of their shotgun.


Required Gear:

  • A modern, serviceable shotgun, (pump or semi-auto shotgun recommended) in 12, 16 or 20 gauge

  • Eye & ear protection (safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87.1-2003, ear plugs or muffs with at least 21db Noise Reduction Rating).

  • a shotgun cleaning kit with a brass bristle bore brush of the appropriate gauge

  • Ammunition: Factory fresh ammo only. NO RELOADS or specialty ammo.

  • 25 factory loaded 2 ¾ inch long shotgun shells in #4 shot

  • 25 factory loaded 2 ¾ inch long shotgun shells in #7.5 or # 8 shot

  • 5 factory loaded 2 ¾ inch long shotgun shells in either #00, #1 or #2 Buckshot

  • Small to Medium sized tactical style flashlight

  • Sturdy Shoes, Long Pants, Shirt with Higher Collar

  • A quality belt designed to anchor gear to your body

  • Shotshell carrier (either weapon mounted, belt or shotshell pouch)

  • Comfortable clothing, knee-pads (recommended but optional).

  • Hydration system or Bottled water.

  • Baseball Cap

Course length is a full day, typically 7-9 hours including a 1-hour lunch break. There are short breaks throughout both the classroom session and shooting range drills.   Class Fee is $125 per person. A minimum of $25 is required to reserve a seat.