Situational Awareness 101

At Valor Training Group, our Situational Awareness 101 Class is fully customizable in length, but, generally runs a minimum of four hours in a classroom. We will walk you through the proper mindset for a various levels of threat and force encounters, dealing with fear, legal and moral issues you might face when dealing with use of force as a citizen, setting boundaries and both lethal and non-lethal force options. We offer these classes through local clubs, organizations and businesses. At Valor Training Group we focus on the training, but also showcase products throughout the class. We can customize this class to your organization. We present to you a variety of options pertaining to personal safety.

There are some effective less lethal options available to you if you don’t want to carry a firearm or to supplement your firearm. Different products will be demonstrated and recommended for your individual lifestyle. Various Pepper Spray products are also demonstrated.

This is not a martial arts class and does not require you to do work on the mat. We don’t believe that anyone can teach you to defend yourself effectively without the use of weapons. Consequently, we stress the use of less lethal weapons, some lethal weapons, and weapons of opportunity that may be readily available to you. We will show you some hands on techniques that will allow you to delay a violent subject until you can get help.

Personal weapons are prohibited from the classroom during instruction and you will be asked to secure in your vehicle any item Valor Training Group deems as a weapon prior to the class.