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Valor Training Group, LLC is the areas leading training academy. Our dedicated instructors have years of combined experience in law enforcement, military and security. Our instructors are certified by many organizations including the NYS DCJS, NRA Law Enforcement, NRA Civilian, USCCA, NSSF, military and other recognized professional entities. Each also bring a wealth of knowledge from Specialized Units, EVOC, Firearms, Warrants, Drug Task Force and Defensive Tactics and Training. We can always be reached by phone at (585) 705-9750

Trigger Control: What in the world?

Trigger Control and Follow Through Trigger Control:   In previous segments, we talked about a shooters Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture in relation to becoming an accurate shooter. Today, we are going to target Trigger Control with a semi-automatic handgun. What is Trigger Control?  By military definition, “Trigger Control is the manipulation of [...]

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The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) The LEOSA (as amended by the National Defense Act of 2013), previously known as H.R. 218, is a Federal law which was designed to allow active officers and qualified retirees to travel while armed without regard to state or municipal boundaries and changes in CCW that may occur. [...]

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Why Become a Security Guard?

Why Become a Security Guard?  Would you like working in criminal justice, the thought of catching the “bad guy”, solving crimes or just helping others?  Then becoming a security guard may be for you.  Once the proper training is completed (both the 8 hour pre-assignment and 16 hour On-The-Job training courses) there are many opportunities [...]

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Should you obtain an out of state handgun concealed carry permit?

Simple answer is yes. The multi-state Utah, Florida and Arizona CCW’s are worth the effort. They allow you to carry concealed in up to 35 different states while on vacation, business or visiting family. The multi-state concealed carry class is only 4-5 hours long covering all three state CCW rules. During the class you will [...]

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