Simple answer is yes. The multi-state Utah, Florida and Arizona CCW’s are worth

the effort. They allow you to carry concealed in up to 35 different states while on

vacation, business or visiting family.

The multi-state concealed carry class is only 4-5 hours long covering all three state

CCW rules. During the class you will get assistance in completing your applications,

along with having your fingerprints and photo taken and your course completion

certificate. Once everything is completed all that remains is mailing your

application packet to the respective state (Utah, Florida and Arizona).

The Utah’s, Florida’s and Arizona’s application fees and license expiration time is

outlined below:

Utah CCW $49 – Valid for 5 years

Florida CCW $112 – Valid for 7 years

Arizona $60 CCW – Valid for 5 years

There are some differences between the Utah CCW permit and the Florida and

Arizona CCW permits, the Florida and Arizona permits require “proof of competency

with a firearm” while Utah just requires basic classroom instruction. Proof of

competence to Florida and Arizona include DD214, NRA class completion certificate,

armed security guard training certificate, Hunter Safety training certificate that

included live fire training or a shooting sports completion certificate. Most

instructors will ask that you bring valid proof of competence when attending the

class so they verify your training. Proof of competency can also be completed after

the CCW course but before mailing your applications to Florida and Arizona.

So for under $300 of application fees, you can carry concealed in as many as 35

States and be protected while you travel.

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