BulletSafe Ballistic Vests

Welcome to BulletSafe the affordable body armor... Who needs a bulletproof vest that is affordable? Those that must come out of pocket to purchase their own gear for work meaning Security Guards. Designed to stop virtually all handgun rounds, including a .44 magnum, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest offers wraparound Level IIIA protection for just $299.00 [...]

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Why Become a Security Guard?

Why Become a Security Guard?  Would you like working in criminal justice, the thought of catching the “bad guy”, solving crimes or just helping others?  Then becoming a security guard may be for you.  Once the proper training is completed (both the 8 hour pre-assignment and 16 hour On-The-Job training courses) there are many opportunities [...]

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Security Guard training for Beginners

  Here is the best tips for security guard training    On behalf of valortraininggroup.us  for security guard training, driving simulator and Utah concealed carry permit. You can visit and register for security guard training on our website or by phone at 585.705.9750 Before starting your security guard employment, it’s wise to initially understand the work [...]

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