Holsters: $700 gun, $12 holster, right?

Holsters: $700 gun, $12 holster, right? Holsters: A prospective handgun buyer will spend hours researching which firearm is right for them.  They’ll look at caliber, size, options and cost before making a purchase. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to put for any thought, other than cost, into the holster. Buying the holster is a serious task. [...]

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Concealed Carry 102: What Caliber is Right for You?

Choosing the caliber and ammunition for the gun you will carry is very important for more reasons than simply determining how well you can control your handgun. So what caliber handgun is the best? Contrary to what many people may believe, .45 is not the only right answer; as a matter of fact, there really [...]

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Training: I don’t know if I should do this training.

  Training:   The simple thing to remember is that training is about learning concepts and developing muscle memory. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to legitimize why their courses are so expensive. Good instructors make everything very simple, because it is very simple. The finest advanced training class is developed to help you [...]

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Cover or Concealment: Which is which?

What do both these terms mean? What is the difference between cover and concealment?   Cover are those objects or locations that should be able to stop most bullets from travelling through. For example, a solid concrete wall, a large steel dumpster, the engine block of a large truck.  Think of any heavy item that [...]

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