Priority One Driver Training will place your operators into decision making scenarios thus forcing them to properly assess the dangers before actually encountering them. Every year there are countless motor vehicle accidents involving Emergency Vehicle Operators which result in death or personal injury to someone. This training was developed to help stop these accidents and help the operators to recognize the hazards that they could encounter. It’s much easier to train your personnel ahead of time then it is to explain during litigation why there was inadequate training. When facing that dangerous situation in the real world, it is not important what you know, but rather what you do.

Priority One Driver Training bridges that gap created between trainee level cones courses and on the job training. Where else can you practice multiple decision making skills in less than five minutes without ever actually driving the Emergency Vehicle.

Ability to placed into decision making scenarios in a safe environment Demonstrating vehicle control during inclement weather scenarios Emergency operation to a multitude of emergency response scenarios Evaluations by experienced Emergency Vehicle Operators

Driver Evaluations

Another distinct advantage of Priority One Driver Training is that we can provide driver evaluations for your departments training records for each driver.