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  • Firearms Training
    April 14, 2018
    8:45 am - 5:00 pm

Armed guards must also complete an Annual Eight Hour Firearms Training course which includes three hours of classroom refresher on the Use of Force followed by a written examination, and five hours of weapons qualification which includes a proficiency examination. The guard must complete this course as a prerequisite for renewal of his or her armed guard registration.

What you need to bring to class:

  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Baseball Cap
  • Security Shirt or Jacket
  • Dress for Weather!
  • NYS Security Guard Card
  • NYS Pistol Permit
  • Level 2 minimum Retention Holster
  • Belt
  • Duty Belt
  • Magazine Holder
  • 2 minimum Firearm Specific Magazines
  • Duty Weapon
  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition- 50/ball ammo/practice ammo, 100 JHP-duty ammo and 5 rounds 12 gauge slug 2 3/4″