Simply put, driver simulator training is the most cost-effective tool for your agency’s driver training needs.


Priority One Driver Training can put your drivers in dangerous situations without putting them in actual danger. Simulators ave proven far more effective in the amount and retention versus conventional classroom instruction. Simulators can also create unique or dangerous situations in a manner that you could not or would not create behind the wheel of a real situation. In other words, let your employees have their first crash safely with us.

When facing a dangerous situation in the real world, it is not important what you know, but rather what you do. Priority One Driver Training allows you to practice what to do when a dangerous situation presents itself giving your employees the best possible chance of avoiding the crash entirely and surviving.

  • Ability to practice dangerous scenarios in a safe environment

  • Increased knowledge retention by physically doing, not just being told

  • More complete, consistent and objective real-time reporting

  • Must demonstrate what they have learned

Dangerous Scenarios

Another distinct advantage of driver simulation is that we can put your employees in dangerous
situations without putting them or others in danger. Where else can you truly practice avoiding pedestrians that wander onto the roadway, or other drivers who fail to stop for red lights or emergency response personnel? Now imaging practicing these dangerous situations in the safety of a simulator!