BulletSafe Ballistic Vests

Welcome to BulletSafe the affordable body armor... Who needs a bulletproof vest that is affordable? Those that must come out of pocket to purchase their own gear for work meaning Security Guards. Designed to stop virtually all handgun rounds, including a .44 magnum, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest offers wraparound Level IIIA protection for just $299.00 [...]

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Holsters: $700 gun, $12 holster, right?

Holsters: $700 gun, $12 holster, right? Holsters: A prospective handgun buyer will spend hours researching which firearm is right for them.  They’ll look at caliber, size, options and cost before making a purchase. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to put for any thought, other than cost, into the holster. Buying the holster is a serious task. [...]

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Shooting stances: Do they matter?

Regardless of your other skills, your stance is the basis for all your shooting fundamentals. January 3, 2017 Stance, the foundation of your shooting platform, is a crucial element that is often overlooked. Fast and accurate shooting with a handgun requires a stable shooting stance that allows the shooter to exercise proper sight alignment, trigger [...]

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Grip: The first step to accurate shooting

First and foremost, a solid grip makes for a quality shooter. Your grip can make or break your shot the second you press that trigger. Too weak and you won’t control the shot. Too strong and you’ll overcompensate causing your round to travel to destinations unwanted. That grip as important as it is, starts at [...]

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Breathing Control: Just breathe, right?

Breathing:     For shooters, breathe control is often overlooked. Breathing is an important factor that impacts the accuracy of your shot. You can practice your stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture all you want, but if one does not breathe properly, you may never hit the target as accurately as possible. The further away [...]

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Follow Through: The end of the cycle

  Follow Through   Follow Through is the final fundamental of handgun shooting. At this point, once you have fired your handgun the fundamentals start all over again. Starting with your Trigger Reset, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture, and thus start asking yourself these important questions:   Is there still a threat? Can I safely [...]

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Cover or Concealment: Which is which?

What do both these terms mean? What is the difference between cover and concealment?   Cover are those objects or locations that should be able to stop most bullets from travelling through. For example, a solid concrete wall, a large steel dumpster, the engine block of a large truck.  Think of any heavy item that [...]

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